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Thanks for checking out my website, my name is Mitchell Paulson. I love acoustic guitars. I like the way they feel in my hands. I like the way they sound in the hands of a musician. MPGuitars are built to be played and they smell great, too.


Although I am largely self taught, I have received instruction and inspiration from other builders, as well. I got started with luthier Charles Fox and the American School of Lutherie in Oregon. I built my first guitar with luthier Norman Haight in Arizona. Many others have also inspired me through their work and writings.


I am an artist by education and profession and I bring that 40 years of experience to my shop every day. MPGuitars are all hand crafted in my small shop under controlled humidity. All the wood used in making an instrument pass through my hands. I do my own inlay and marquetry, as well.  Hand made guitars are always one of a kind.


Life is good in the shop, stop by and smell the wood.

MP Guitar faceplate
MP Guitars

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