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Model CD


Upper bout: 12"

Waist: 10.25"

Lower bout: 16:

Box length: 20"

Depth at heel: 3.75"

Depth at tail: 4.50"

scale: 25.5


MP Guitars
MP Guitars
Mp Guitars faceplate

Currently I build three different sizes of acoustic guitars. The CD, my design based on the Small Jumbo. A smaller guitar, the OM/000, is similar to the Auditorium. The GL-00 is a smaller guitar based on the 1930's Gibson L-00.


MP Guitars
Model OM/000


Upper bout: 11.25"

Waist: 9.25"

Lower bout: 15:

Box length: 19.50"

Depth at heel: 3.25"

Depth at tail: 3.75"

scale: 25.0


Model GL-00


Upper bout: 10.13"

Waist: 8.37"

Lower bout: 14.75"

Box length: 19.37"

Depth at heel: 3.37"

Depth at tail: 4.12"

scale: 24.78


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